BrandoCritic Reviews Unhinged

We all know road rage can be a dangerous thing. But can it be so dangerous as to leave someone unhinged? Starring Russell Crowe, Unhinged does exactly just that. YouTuber BrandoCritic takes a closer look at the newest film, set to release in theaters on Friday.

It’s not the deepest, it’s not the most well-rounded movie in the world. And there are some parts where it did feel pretty thin … but for the most part this movie actually does a really good job of setting up the characters, setting up the situation, setting up the story, and it really does draw us in.

Unhinged is a simple movie, where you know what kind of movie it is, what is going to happen next and how it is going to play out, which may seem like a fault but instead was still very engaging and entertaining according to Brandon. He notes the simplicity of the plot was a refreshing take on such a complex theme of road rage.

So although the major themes in the movie are really spelled out and the script is not the strongest in the world, I would say Unhinged gives us more positives than negatives.

The YouTuber points out that the film is definitely a direct commentary on our current culture of mental health issues, high stress and anxiety that many people encounter on a daily basis in their everyday lives. He goes on to explain that in today’s climate, people are just angrier fueled by world, cultural and social situations and the film does a great job at painting that picture.

The theme of the movie, is that people are getting angrier … mental health issues and stress are at an all-time high and everyone is addicted to their phones … their egos are so strong and they’re clashing every moment in life and people are just angry all the time.

Brandon feels Russell Crowe, whose character he refers to as “the man”, truly embodies this theme and is a reflection on our society. He believes all the characters including Rachel, played by Caren Pistorius and Kyle, played by Gabriel Bateman, were believable in their relation to each other as well as believable three-dimensional characters in their own right.

Ultimately, the acting, the eye grabbing action scenes and the simple plot line made for a fun movie. The YouTuber gives it a rating of 3/5 stars.

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