BrandoCritic Reviews Borat Subsequent Moviefilm

Borat is back! In the sequel Borat Subsequent Moviefilm (2020), now out of prison, Borat returns to explore America and brings along his 15-year-old daughter. Written and produced by Sacha Baron Cohen, the film stars his character Borat and Maria Bakalova as his daughter Tutar. The film is now streaming on Amazon Prime Video. YouTuber Brandon from his channel BrandoCiritc shares his thoughts on the latest comedy from Borat.

Maria Bakalova was excellent in this movie. She was hilarious and once you see the end of this movie you realize why they wanted to go with a woman to do these pranks on these people and to bring this attitude into the world. She’s fantastic. And the chemistry between her and Sacha Baron Cohen is excellent.

A fan of the first Borat (2006) movie, YouTuber Brandon says the sequel does not disappoint. He especially enjoys the introduction of Borat’s daughter adding a new layer of comedic tones that is still just as witty and smart as the first movie.

Similar to the first movie, this one is also a critique/satire exposing the truths of the American people through racism, misogyny and ignorance. But at the same time, it also highlights the kind-hearted nature of some Americans that Borat encounters

An extremely political, yet very enjoyable and funny movie, says Brandon, who gives the film a 4/5 rating.

YouTuber Brandon from BrandoCritic, rates and reviews new movies and TV shows on his channel regularly.