BlackGayComicGeek Reviews Bad Hair

From the creator of Dear White People (2017), Bad Hair (2020) follows Anna Blusdo, whose new hair weave has seemed to take on a life of its own. The horror/comedy stars Elle Lorraine as Anna Blusdo, Justin Simien, Kelly Rowland, Lena Waithe, User, Vanessa Williams, Laverne Cox, Blair Underwood and Jay Pharoah just to name a few. YouTuber Michael from the channel BlackGayComicGeek shares his thoughts on the film now streaming on Hulu.

I feel like they took way too long to actually get into the horror, but once we get past the first half of the movie … the movie pretty much lost me after that … throughout most of the movie I kept finding myself looking on the phone.

The YouTuber finds the horror aspect of the film to be severely lacking and unable to keep him engaged or entertained for the rest of the story. He notes the movie is labeled as a horror satire, but feels the film fails in both aspects of the genres and even compares it to a mix between the Scary Movie (2000) franchise and a lame Saturday Night Live sketch.

A satire is supposed to use humor, exaggeration, wit and comedy to basically give a biting critique of an aspect of society. And over all I don’t really know what message this movie was trying to give you except for weave is bad.

There is a long history of black women and their hair that could have been explored further in the film, says Michael. He does enjoy the fact that we are seeing more people of color, especially black people, in horror movie genres. But in the end, feels the film is a disappointment: “I can’t take this movie seriously, it just felt ridiculous.”

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