Big Gold Belt Media Reviews Wander

In Wander (2020), a conspiracy theorist private detective investigates a mysterious death in the town of Wander and becomes involved in more than he bargained for. Directed by April Mullen, the film stars Aaron Eckhart, Tommy Lee Jones, Heather Graham and Katheryn Winnick. YouTuber Big Gold Belt Media shares his thoughts on the film featuring an all-star cast.

It's super predictable. But it’s entertaining because the star power, the acting performances and just the meshing of all these people just work so well together that you absolutely have a good time. But I honestly think it would have worked better as a miniseries.”

Claiming the story isn’t anything we haven’t seen before; YouTuber Big Gold Belt Media says the film is mostly driven by its star power performances. He notes Aaron Eckhart’s portrayal as “crazy” is nailed to a T and when he has scenes with Tommy Lee Jones, it just becomes “super magical.” The two performances bring so much to the characters and do most of the heavy lifting in creating an engrossing storyline, which would otherwise be quite boring and unimaginative, says Big Gold Belt Media.

A very predictable plot that probably isn’t worth watching in theaters, according to the YouTuber.

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