Big Gold Belt Media Reviews Sneakerheads

A former sneakerhead, now stay at home dad, tries to get back into the game and finds himself on a global adventure in search of an exclusive pair of Zeroes. The Netflix comedy series Sneakerheads (2020) stars Allen Maldonado as Devin, King Bach as Bobby, Jearnest Corchado as Nori and Matthew Josten as Stuey. YouTuber and former sneakerhead Big Gold Belt Media shares his thoughts on the Netflix flick, which showcases the underground world and community of sneakerheads.

The sneakerhead game and world and community, if you know about it, you know about the pains you know about the ups and downs, the struggles … and this show nails it on all accounts even the lingo.

As a former sneakerhead himself, the YouTuber feels the series portrays and accurate feel of the sneakerhead community; from the lingo used by the characters, the process shown to find a unique shoe, all the way to the character relationships with other sneakerheads. Watching the show gives him nostalgic feelings of when he had to go through leaps and bounds to find exclusive heat (rare shoes), which again ties into the authenticity of the community the series depicts.

It’s cringey because you know the pain of how hard it is to just get a shoe that you really want. It’s not just the easy transaction of money for shoe. It’s a who you know, lack of information, misleads, all types of good stuff.

Ultimately a really entertaining show to watch, says the YouTuber, who also enjoys the fun cameos from well-known sneakerheads, popular basketball players, along with sneakerhead brands such as Complex Magazine, Flight Club and Jason Markk.

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