Yes Day was a No for Grace Randolph

Wouldn’t it be any kids dream to have a whole day in which their parents said “Yes” to everything? In Yes Day (2021), Allison and Carlos decide to give their kids one day in which they have the power to make all the decisions for 24 hours. Directed by Miguel Arteta, the film stars Jennifer Garner, Edgar Ramirez, Jenna Ortega, Julian Lerner, Everly Carganilla and Arturo Castro. YouTuber Grace Randolph from the channel Beyond The Trailer, shares her thoughts on the Netflix family comedy.

This movie doesn’t show any glimmer of what this family is fighting for. Where are the good times? The children are so mean to their mother and so disrespectful that even though she’s clearly making mistakes as a parent, her children just go too far. And again, as a producer garner sacrifices the likability of her child characters to make sure you really feel bad for her character.

With horrible children and boring characters, Yes Day is not a favorite for the YouTuber. The biggest issue the YouTuber has with the film is that the characters other than Jennifer Garner’s character Allison, are not fleshed out and have very surface level traits. Right from the beginning we see the children as troublemakers and aren’t given enough backstory about the family dynamic to fully understand the impact of a “yes day.”

The YouTuber also feels the casting of Edgar Ramirez fails to bring the comedy and light-heartedness the film is aiming for. She notes his impeccable ability to play the strong and dramatic roles, but is completely outshined by Garner because he is unable to “loosen up.”

While the film does touch on the aspect of representation across the board, it feels more like tokenism and just checking off boxes rather than portraying a natural scenario, according to Randolph.

Yes Day is watchable but prepare to be annoyed, says the YouTuber.

YouTuber Grace Randolph from the channel Beyond The Trailer rates and reviews new movies and TV shows weekly.