Grace Randolph Reviews The Witches

Based on the 1983 Roald Dahl novel, The Witches (2020), a young boy Charlie and his grandmother find themselves on a mission to stop a coven of witches who are trying to rid the world of children by turning them into mice. The film was produced and directed by Robert Zemeckis and written by Kenya Barris. The cast includes Jahzir Bruno as Charlie, Octavia Spencer as Grandmother, Anne Hathaway as Grand High Witch and Stanley Tucci as Mr. Stringer. YouTuber Grace Randolph from her channel Beyond The Trailer shares her thoughts on the latest film adaptation of the classic novel.

It scares us but oh we love it. It scared me this movie in fact and I’m an adult. The movie at first seems rather small and harmless but as it progresses it has such unsettling disturbing moments. It’s quite the Halloween treat.

The Witches is definitely a film to get you into the Halloween holiday spirit, says Randolph, who feels the films horror glam elements seem unassuming at first but surprisingly progresses into a much darker tone as the plot unravels. She also notes the film does a great job in staying faithful to the original source material.

The YouTuber is delighted by the performances in the film. She especially focuses on Anne Hathaway’s dedication to her character Grand High Witch, who evokes an understated yet very impactful presence and really gives off the subtle horror elements that creep in throughout the film.

When you actually see her smile in this movie, a first partially hidden by white smoke on a train station, I will never forget it, it was an amazing shot. It was incredible. Anne Hathaway is so lucky to be a part of it. I was really impressed.

One big change the film makes to the story is the race of the main characters Charlie and his grandmother, who are black. The YouTuber feels this change is done very naturally and very fitting to modern day standards.

It is a big deal to race bend these roles. But Kenya Barris does it organically in the script … its very very impressive and strongly done … it’s still subtly powerful.”

The Witches is now available on HBO Max. YouTuber Grace Randolph from Beyond The Trailer rates and reviews new movies and TV shows on her channel weekly.