Back To The Future: 1st Reactions To The Past

It’s hard to believe that there are still people today that haven’t seen Back to the Future. It is a classic and a movie that is brought up in pop culture like the DeLorean or when someone says 88 miles.

YouTuber Brandon Likes Movies hasn’t seen Back to the Future, but saw the sequel, so he might know the direction of the first part of this trilogy. Eric Reacts has a hint of what we may see in this movie starring Michael J. Fox as Marty, Christopher Lloyd as Doctor Emmet Brown (or just Doc), and a DeLorean car with gullwing doors. Eric knows it’s something about a DeLorean and a doctor.

This seems perfect to get the perspective from the naked eye. What we get to see is the reaction for all the YouTubers as they watch the movie for the first time. It doesn’t seem like any of them were disappointed.

What could disappoint people watching for the first time is spoilers and Brandon Likes Movies seems to get the hidden messages in the movie like the broken clock tower in the Hill Valley, the fictional city where this movie takes place.

She said lightning struck at a certain point. Is the lightning that struck Marty going back to the present? I don’t know if my mind just spoiled the ending for me.

YouTube family trio Storm Akima has seen clips of the movie, but haven’t seen it from start to finish. One part that shocked them is Doc Brown getting shot to death by a group of terrorists following the first successful attempt at going back in time in the DeLorean DMC-12.

What also shows is Davey from  Geeked Out Nation, a young YouTuber, seems to be unaware that the DeLoran came with the butterfly doors. Davey assumes that Doc Brown was ahead of his time based on the creation of the doors.

Eric Reacts mentions the butterfly effect in one scene where Marty notices his father, George McFly, up in the tree taking a peak in the room of Lorranie Baines, Marty’s mom. George loses his balance and falls as Lorranie’s father is driving up to his home. Marty pushes his father out the way and gets hit by the car.

Oh! And now their stories change..oh and now his mom falls in love with him.

Meanwhile, the Family Trio continues to be shocked when Lorraine Baines makes the move on Marty, mainly at the dinner table with Lorraine's family after suggesting Marty stay in her room for the night. Marty of course is Lorraine's son from the future, which she is unaware of.

Geeked Out Nation begins to invest into the movie, even assuming how there is no way Marty can help his father, George, get with the attractive young lady Lorraine, Marty’s mother. Meanwhile, the Family Trio continue to be shocked when Lorraine Baines makes the move on Marty, who of course is his son from the future, which she is unaware of.

Geeked Out Nation begins to invest into the movie, even assuming how there is no way Marty’s father can get with the attractive young lady Lorraine, Marty’s mother.

It’s not going to work. It’s not going to work, there’s no way it’s going to work..this is not good. This is not good. Ugh!

The Family Trio would applaud the scene where Marty escapes from Biff Tannen after throwing a hard punch at him. It leads to manure on the villain following an accident while chasing down Marty, who is riding on a borrowed skateboard, which the Trio and Brandon credit Marty for inventing. Spoiler alert; the skateboard was invented in the late 40’s.

Eventually George, Marty’s father, wins his future wife after defending her with the same punch his son gives to Biff. The kiss keeps Marty out of trouble, which then follows with Marty playing  Chuck Berry’s “Johnny B. Goode” on his guitar which only Eric Reacts catches. Eric also catches Goldie Wilson's character who discovers the eventual hit song which hasn’t been discovered yet, causing a butterfly effect.

What you can appreciate from the Family Trio is that their reactions have emotions to it. They went from laughter, anger, ecstatic, sad and happy. They seemed very invested in the movie and perhaps it became a good thing that they didn’t speak much of the movie during their reactions.

All the YouTubers loved the crazy Doc Brown, played by Christopher Lloyd, who all four YouTubers felt was the perfect fit.

The one thing the Trio and Eric brought up is in the end of the movie, Doc brought up a problem about Marty’s kids, therefore bringing up the future, which Doc asked Marty not to bring up when he was in 1955. A good catch from the group.What the Family Trio also noticed is the shops in 1955 and what they became in 1985. Credit for their attention to detail.

Going back to 1955, how things have changed like the Diner is the Jazzercise place in ‘85. You know how you see the Mayor, who is so inspirational, working at the Diner.

Eric was the only one who brought up Biff’s sexual assault on Lorraine, but Family Trio did show their anger towards Biff actions, but never shared their comments towards it afterwards.

The Trio does provide a recap, including not being a fan of Biff and his bullying, but found his character funny despite the way he assaulted Lorraine.

Eric Reacts also discusses how George punching Biff changed everything for the good and wonders what one thing can do in a butterfly effect from the past.

Eric questions why George hires Biff after catching him attacking Lorraine. While Biff mistreated George the entire time, Biff sexually assaulting Lorraine in the car is an insult to injury, so why is George keeping Biff near him and his family?

One thing that I found out that was really so stupid in this film was George McFly thought it was a good idea to hire Biff, who had sexually assaulted his wife, to work for him. It’s not like he wasn’t there. He was there to witness it. Come on, that’s just..ugh.

Geeked Out Nation comes out of this movie very impressed and makes the point that this movie can hold up in a nostalgic way. What may be a problem is that he finds this movie to be absolutely perfect, so you don’t get to see a pros and cons from Geeked Out as well as the Family Trio or Brandon.

Brandon Reacts reviews television shows, recently Breaking Bad and It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. The YouTube channel Storm Akima, also known as Family Trio, provides a look from the older generation and posts reaction videos on their channel. Eric Reacts posts various videos from him reacting to movies to plays and television shows. Geeked Out Nation is a duo that reviews regularly on movies and shows.