YouTuber Reviews a True Crime Documentary

In Why Did You Kill Me? (2021), the documentary follows the murder of Crystal Theobald and how her mother Belinda Lane used MySpace to find all the suspects involved in her daughter’s death. Directed by Fredrick Munk, the film is now streaming on Netflix. YouTuber Austin Burke shares his opinions on the true crime documentary.

In other points in the documentary you’re kind of blown away. And sometimes you’re like oh my gosh the way you handled that was intense for sure. It is a story we have seen before. We’ve seen very similar true crime documentaries … they’re doing some very creative things here.

A story that has been seen and done before is how the YouTuber describes the film. Despite the premise of the story as based on true events, the YouTuber finds the filmmakers do a great job stylistically in telling this story that has been told before in other portrayals of true crimes. He specifically points out when the mother and the filmmakers recreate the scene of the crime using miniature models and cars to simulate the accounts of the fatal night.

Burke notes there are some moments in the film that really surprise him at how intense the actions from Belinda seem and at what lengths she went through to find out the truth about what happened to her daughter.

Overall, the YouTuber rates the film a 6/10 and says it works well for what it is trying to go for and is still an interesting watch.

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