Austin Burke Reviews Truth Seekers

In the latest horror/comedy series, Truth Seekers (2020) follows a group of paranormal enthusiasts as they go around filming their supernatural experiences for their social media channels and accidentally stumble upon an even bigger conspiracy. Created by British comedic duo Simon Pegg and Nick Frost, the film stars the two comedy actors along with Samson Kayo, Emma D’Arcy, and Malcolm McDowell. YouTuber Austin Burke shares his thoughts on the eight-part supernatural comedy series which is now streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

Everyone is great in this show. That dry witty sense of humor, it is very much a British sense of humor throughout, but I will also say that it’s not as laugh out loud funny as some will want. It’s also not a show that gets going right off the bat it does take a couple of episodes.

Burke describes the show as a paranormal adventure dealing with ghosts and ghouls and a couple of spooky moments. He does enjoy the typical dry humor given from the British comedic duo throughout the episodes, but also finds the second half of the series loses its pacing and cohesiveness in terms of wrapping up the plot as a whole. And if you’re expecting to see that comedic duo do what they do best, you might be disappointed because the series mainly focuses on Nick Frost’s character alone, according to Burke.

It’s a fun and easy show to binge, says the YouTuber who although ultimately finds the series entertaining, is left wanting more from the story. Burke rates season one of Truth Seekers a 65%.

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