Austin Burke Reviews History of Swear Words

In the Netflix documentary series History of Swear Words (2020), host Nicolas Cage explores the history, origins and current pop culture and media trends revolving around some of the most notable American swear words.  The six-episode series features a different swear word per episode with commentary from entertainers, comedians and even certified scholars and experts on the topic. YouTuber Austin Burke shares his thoughts on the thought-provoking series.

The very first episode dealing with the f word; I mean he’s doing everything you want him to do. He is screaming to the top of his lungs and I’m like I’m already really into this, but I don’t even know what to expect.

Intrigued by the series because he is drawn in by “Nicolas Cage being Nicolas Cage”, the YouTuber finds the series surprisingly entertaining and somewhat enlightening to an extent. He enjoys the fact that each episode features a different swear word and is even shocked to hear commentary from expert scholars who have studied swear words chime in with their opinions on its history, origins and how it is now used in pop culture and mainstream media.

The YouTuber especially enjoys when the show begins to dive into swear word histories with movies. However, admittedly, Burke does say the biggest draw if not the only draw for him to the documentary series is the fact that it features Nicolas Cage.

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