Austin Burke Reviews Grand Army

What is it really like for teens in today’s society? Grand Army (2020), follows the lives of five teens in a public school in Brooklyn as they take on the chaotic, harsh and unknown realities of life. Created by Katie Cappiello, the series stars Odessa A’zion, Odley Jean, Amir Bageria, Maliq Johnson, and Amalia Yoo. YouTuber Austin Burke takes a closer look into the teen drama now streaming on Netflix.

The idea of taking multiple characters and giving each, someone what of a story arc, and focusing in on what we don’t often see in these kinds of young adult shows … the darkness, the grittiness, the harsh reality of what today’s teenagers have to go through. Whether it’s on a racial level, a sexual level, all of those avenues are explored and covered in this show.

A very realistic and authentic interpretation of the life of a modern teen, says Burke. The series does a great job in presenting the raw emotions of what each of these characters go through. It is made extremely impressively, according to the YouTuber, who feels the construction of the show and the balance between each of the characters and their plotlines are executed brilliantly.

Because of the “realness” of the show, at times, it does feel a bit too heavy and seems like it's trying to be too ambitious with its storytelling, says Burke. Overall a great exploration of how teens deal with the real-life pressures and obstacles stacked against them when trying to succeed.

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