Blackpink: Light Up The Sky Inspires YouTuber

Let’s kill this love! Blink fans from all over the world are raving about Netflix’s latest documentary Blackpink: Light Up the Sky (2020). Directed by Caroline Suh, the documentary spotlights the beginnings and rise to fame of South Korean girl band Blackpink made up of Jennie, Lisa, Jisoo and Rosé. YouTuber Austin Burke, shares his thoughts on the documentary featuring the K-pop phenomenon, now streaming on Netflix.

This is not the kind of documentary I walk into thinking: you know what, this is going to be great, only because I was so unfamiliar. But man, I really enjoyed getting to know this group. I really enjoyed knowing each one of them individually.

Not completely oblivious to the massive popularity of K-pop, but still unfamiliar with Blackpink, Burke is pleasantly surprised by how much he enjoys the documentary and learning about the appeal of the music and Blackpink. They’re so likable and so talented, says Burke who gives high praise to their hardworking efforts being highlighted in the documentary when you see them staying up until 6am perfecting dance routines and spending their formative teenage years working to make their mark in the music industry.

The best part about this documentary for me is seeing their mentality when it comes to the music. We’re not going to do what everyone else thinks we’re going to do. They talk about their very first single, their first hit and a lot of people were against it but they said this is going to be the one, this will be our first song … and focus on music that matters to us.

Watching the entire process of how Blackpink started a revolution of a new style of music transcending across the globe is inspiring, according to the YouTuber who just loves a good success story, citing Blackpink as one of the ultimate success stories: a product of hard work and dedication.

Some people will say this feels like a very manufactured documentary because of all of the good stuff and not a lot of bad stuff. But for me it … it just felt real and I learned a lot … and I really enjoyed what I saw.

Burke rates the documentary a solid 8/10 and adds, he may now have a Blackpink playlist on YouTube!

YouTuber Austin Burke rates and reviews new movies and TV shows on his channel weekly.