Austin Burke Reviews The Sleepover

Now streaming on Netflix, The Sleepover, follows two siblings on an adventure to rescue their kidnapped mother who, much to their surprise, is not who she seems to be. The family movie stars Malin Akerman as the mother, and Sadie Stanley and Maxwell Simkins as the siblings. YouTuber Austin Burke gives a quick run down on the Netflix original.

Kind of a choppy jumbled movie that really caters to one specific audience. And adults taking their kids to this movie … may not have the best time.

It is no doubt a fun family film, but it is definitely a film that we’ve all seen before, according to Burke. The YouTuber feels the movie missed out on opportunities to come up with new ideas or scenarios pertaining to the kids spy adventure genre, but instead opted to stick to familiar and overdone tropes like kids driving a car for the first time, or having a character who always seems to crack jokes at the worst possible moment.

Finding a really cool vehicle, driving it for the first time, you have all of those tropes of the hijinks they get themselves into.

The majority of the cast are younger actors who don’t deliver the best performance but part of that is due to the script writing, says Burke. He feels the majority of the dialogue written for the kid actors felt like adults writing dialogue for kids when it’s clear they don’t know how kids talk. It wasn’t believable.

It feels a bit robotic. And I’m not even going to blame the kid actors here, I’m going to blame the script. That doesn’t work.

A family fun movie that doesn’t take itself too seriously, with a couple jokes thrown in and a familiar tone of the typical kids adventure movie, is what you’ll get with The Sleepover.

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