Austin Burke Reviews Netflix's Away

Netflix's Away is a new science fiction series starring Hilary Swank as an astronaut bound for the first manned mission to Mars. YouTuber Austin Burke gives his review after seeing an early screening of all ten episodes.

Burke thinks there will be a dichotomy of opinions that will likely form after seeing this series:

It all comes down to do you care about the emotional connections between our mother our father and our daughter and what goes on within both of these ongoing storylines one on earth one in space or do you just feel as if you need something more with this show because I think there will many people on both sides of the fence…

Burke finds Hillary Swank's performance to be better than some of her previous roles but the performance that catches his eye the most is that of the Talitha Bateman who plays Swank's daughter.

Burke praises the film's visuals and themes describing it as:

(Swank's character) has to reconcile her decision to leave her husband behind, her daughter behind … the personal dynamics being away from your loved ones these are the themes that we're dealing with.

However, despite liking the theme, Burke believes the execution doesn't get him invested in the show. Part of the reason Burke believes is there being too many storylines.

I'm not saying they don't connect but there's so much at a point I wish the show would have scaled back maybe just a tad bit and said we're going to focus on this storyline, maybe cut back every now and then to these other storylines…

While Burke had expected "a bit more grand and epic" story, he finds the tone of Away to be more like the emotional dramas that are on Netflix but with a sci-fi backdrop. Contributing to that he believes were the show's usage of cliches that made it "comfortable" but unfortunately also made it predictable.

…and the resolutions instead of being completely satisfying they're more like, okay, do we really have to go for 10 hours?

Burke recommends giving the show a shot for two or three episodes first to see if it's for you. Burke gives Away a 55% based on his review scale of 100%.