An Uninteresting take on a Controversial Topic

In the film Roe v. Wade (2021), the film takes on the story of the supreme court landmark decision on reproductive rights in America. Directed by Nick Loeb and Cathy Allyn, the film stars Nick Loeb, Jon Voight, Stacey Dash, Jamie Kennedy, Robert Davi, and Joey Lawrence. YouTuber Anthony A. Perez shares his thoughts on the film now available on multiple streaming platforms.

My biggest issue with this movie is that I was actually kind of bored. Anybody who watches this channel knows that the biggest negative I can give a movie is it being boring. I’m ok with the controversial film. I’m ok with me being able to recognize that the film itself maybe depicting a story that’s a little bit opposite of my views while also still being able to praise what works and criticize what doesn’t work.

Despite the film shedding light on a different opinion on the controversial topic and a surprisingly decent performance by the cast, the YouTuber finds the presentation of this topic underwhelming. Much of that is due to the writing and the dialogue, which does nothing to make you actually care about any of the characters and their stories, according to Perez.

The one aspect of the film that really bothers the YouTuber is the amount of narration and it ultimately feels like the audience is being spoon fed information instead of being able to watch it unfold through the visual storytelling.

I just feel like the writing wasn’t all that great. I wasn’t really engaged in the narrative of these characters. I couldn’t really care less about what was going to happen and the movie is put together in such a way that you kind of feel like you’re being spoon fed and it kind of becomes boring to watch.

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