Aggressive Comix Reviews Rebecca

Based on the 1938 novel by Daphnue Du Maurier, Rebecca (2020) tells the story of a young newlywed woman who moves into her husband’s estate only to be cast under the shadows of his late wife Rebecca. The film stars Lily James as Mrs. de Winter, Armie Hammer, Kristen Scott Thomas and Sam Riley. YouTuber Steph Cozza from the channel Aggressive Comix, shares her thoughts on the romantic thriller now streaming on Netflix.

After so many underwhelming plot twists. I start to lose interest in a film. I think that may have something to do with the pacing which is probably the biggest complaint that I have.

The first act of the film moves very quickly, while the second act is almost too slow in developing the main plot says the YouTuber who notes the film is described as a thriller, yet finds herself completely underwhelmed and at times, quite bored.

The film does a great job in creating sympathy for the protagonist as she feels for her emotions of frustration and helplessness portrayed in Lily James’s performance. However, when it comes to the relationship between the newlywed couple, the YouTuber has a hard time rooting for them to succeed because of the lack of character development for Maxim de Winter. It was difficult to comprehend their romance because Maxim de Winter seems too one dimensional.

Armie Hammer’s character is supposed to be a bit of a mystery, kind of cold and off putting, but I had a hard time understanding or rooting for their romance because he was just kind of bleak and upsetting at times. I think Rebecca felt like a more flushed out character than he did and she’s dead the whole time.

With a great performance from Lily James and visually striking cinematography, it fails to create the thriller aspect the film needs, says Cozza.

YouTuber Steph Cozza from the channel Aggressive Comix, rates and reviews movies and TV shows on the channel regularly.