Is Tom and Jerry Really About Tom and Jerry?

In the latest take on live action adventure, legendary rivals Tom and Jerry face off in New York City as an event planner, desperate to save her career, deals with the chaos between the cat and mouse duo in Tom and Jerry (2021). Directed by Tim Story, the film stars Chloë Grace Moretz, Pallavi Sharda, Colin Jost, Rob Delany, Ken Jeong and Michael Peña. YouTuber Chris from the channel 3C Films, shares his thoughts on the iconic duo battling it out in present day New York City.

The live action tom and jerry movie to me is just another great example of Hollywood bringing to life a beloved property and deciding you know what I know there’s a fan base for this, we’re going to put these characters in the movie, but we’re not going to have them be the focus we’re going to introduce brand new characters and they’re going to love them just as much.

As a kid who grew up loving the Tom and Jerry cartoons, YouTuber Chris is left a little disappointed in the film which he thought would have so much potential and endless possibilities of what creators could do with the iconic character duo. The marketing of the film as centering around Tom and Jerry as well as the official trailers showcasing their crazy antics is a facade for a movie about a girl who gets a job in a luxury hotel in New York City and a few other new characters that are introduced that we have no connection to, according to Chris.

Her character … this bad girl who is in New York that’s also a con artist … meeting characters like Michael Peña’s character or this royal couple that wants to get married at the hotel … all of this just feels like, why is this part of a Tom and Jerry movie?

YouTuber Chris from the channel 3C Films, rates and reviews new movies and TV shows on his channel regularly.