3C Films Reviews Freaky

With a new twist on the Freaky Friday concept, Freaky (2020) centers around 17-year-old Millie, who magically switches bodies with the Butcher, the town’s serial killer. With only 24 hours until the switch is permanent, the teen and her friends race to take her identity back. Directed by Christopher Landon, the film stars Kathryn Newton as Millie, Vince Vaughn as the Butcher, Misha Osherovich as Josh and Celeste O’Connor as Nyla. YouTuber Chris from the channel 3C Films shares his thoughts on the newest slasher horror film from Blumhouse Productions.

This is such a fun, great rated R slasher right here. It does have a lot of great comedy elements. It’s definitely going to make you laugh. I was laughing so hard at some of the scenes in this movie, but as an added bonus if you are a slasher fan … this movie freakin’ delivers.

This movie is so much more fun than Happy Death Day (2017), according to Chris, who makes note of the film's balance between making you laugh from comedic elements and then brings in the intense horror aspects through visuals and camera movements.

The biggest selling point of the film for the YouTuber is Vince Vaughn’s performance as a teenage girl. His mannerisms, his body language and his entire mentality of being a teenage girl stuck in a middle aged man's body translates hilariously on screen, says Chris.

Though a bit goofy in some parts of the film, the YouTuber feels the film has the perfect amount of horror, perfect amount of comedy and does a great job in paying homage to past iconic horror slasher films such as Scream (1996) and Nightmare on Elms Street (1984).

Freaky is now playing in theaters.

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