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Like you, we are big fans of the many YouTubers and their communities that have formed around movies, shows, and fandoms. This site is for you.

From veteran film critics to first time watchers, we present their opinions here in articles with their videos ready to be viewed. Sometimes we present opposing opinions. Other times retrospectives. And there are the 1st Reactions. We'll cover all your favorite types of content here.

We want this to be fun for everyone so we'll stick by a few things ourselves. We only present people's opinions on movies, shows, and fandoms. We do not write about other opinions of the YouTubers outside of this space and we do not write about their personal lives.

Very thrilled you're here, and hope you keep coming back. We're new to this and learning along the way. If you have any suggestions please send them to suggestions@moviesshowsfandoms.com.

If you have a video for us to consider writing about and your channel's content is related to movies, shows, or a fandom please let us know at topics@moviesshowsfandoms.com.


C.M. Kushins


C.M. Kushins is the journalist and author of Nothing's Bad Luck: The Lives of Warren Zevon, and the upcoming Beast: John Bonham and the Rise of Led Zeppelin, both published by Da Capo Press. A musician and film buff, he lives in the Bay Area with his fiancee, Kristine, and their son, Jackson -- and still thinks Sean Connery is the best Bond.

Crystal Nguonly


Crystal Nguonly is a writer and digital content creator. Alongside writing about popular movie reviews, she is a digital podcast producer and business and marketing video editor. This digital media maven is a self proclaimed lover of food, a Hogwarts witch in training and is obsessed with all things DIY. If it's DIY-able, she will attempt it!

Manny Alvarez


Alvarez has been a writer for six years with various newspapers and websites like the Orange County Register, the Los Angeles Times, the Seattle Times, Big Baller Brand and his own website, the Student Section Report. Alvarez has mainly covered high school sports in the United States as well as professional basketball in Europe.

Shaina Waterhouse


Shaina Waterhouse is an experienced freelance writer covering topics from lifestyle and business to entertainment and health. She studied journalism at the University of Iowa and has since freelanced for a variety of clients. When she's not writing, Shaina enjoys spending time outside with her dog Nico, reading books, and traveling to new places. To read more of Shaina's work, check out her Medium profile at medium.com/@shainawaterhouse.

Patrick H. Zaw

Founder & Chief Editor

Patrick has spent countless hours watching YouTubers talk about movies. And now after embarking on creating this site, he spends even more hours watching YouTubers talk about movies. And he loves every bit of it!